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Advanced Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS) formed in 1999 to provide document imaging systems and services to medical, government and commercial entities throughout Florida.  Our service bureau converts millions of standard paper, large format drawings and microformed documents annually to digital images.  This experience has given us “hands on” interaction with hundreds of clients throughout the Southeastern United States.  Through our specialization, we became a leading systems integrator with unique specialization in governmental entities, departmental workflow, document lifecycles, records retention guidelines and best practices.  We are certified as a WMBE and Small Business with the State of Florida, Tampa Port Authority, Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa.

Our primary focus in the service bureau is on the conversion of standard paper / large-format drawings to digital images.  We perform the conversion of millions of microform images to digital format on a monthly basis.  We have over a decade of experience integrating & interfacing over 150 Million source image and index files into countless document imaging systems.  Because of this, we are uniquely qualified to provide not only the systems implementation, but also back-file conversion services.  We have the strongest expertise within the medical and municipal areas of document imaging in the State of Florida.  Since inception, 99% of our annual revenue has been from paper and filmed image scanning and conversion services.

ADS has provided electronic document management services & solutions to countless entities for over a decade throughout Florida.  This is what we do and who we are.  We have worked directly with countless medical offices and government agencies completing huge back-file conversion projects, system implementations, web hosting & records management needs. 

We have passed a rigorous RFP process with the Department of Management Services initially downscaling State Contract vendors from over 600 to less than 100.  State contract vendors are scrutinized primarily on experience, references & financial strength.  We submitted the highest D&B credit rating available achieving 100% point value.  References & experience were equally valued.

We are the only current and three-time State Contract vendor dedicated solely to Electronic Document Management and Scanning Solutions (EDMS).

All of our equipment is owned, not leased; and, our only outstanding financial obligation relates to the 12,000 Square Foot building we purchased eight years previous.  Over $500,000 in scanners, servers, conversion equipment, vehicles and computers are owned clear of any encumbrances. 

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We understand the true workflow of documentation lifecycles through our vast daily coordination with end-users spanning over a decade.

Our “hands-on” experience in the conversion of countless record and document types extends to the design of electronic organization, efficient accessibility and ultimate protection of unlimited informational assets.  This has made us an industry leader in records management systems and services.

We understand records and records management because of our “real-world” experience.  We don’t just draw the flowchart; we are the flowchart.

We don’t offer voicemail, we offer people resources instead.  Feel free to contact our office any time, day or night, to speak to a person who will be glad to offer personal assistance

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Location & Size
Our main service bureau is headquartered at the Tampa Bay facility where we run three shifts, seven days per week.  Out of this facility, we handle the records conversion requirements for over 300 medical and municipal clients.   

Our headcount ranges approximates 50 depending on current project requirements.  Most key employees have been with the company for years and our retention rate is high.  We work in a strong team environment both internally and externally always inclusive of client project team personnel.  We believe these relationships are directly responsible for the success we have with each and every records management project.  It’s about the relationship.

Advanced Data Solutions operational structure is divided among three major service divisions within two different industries, Medical and Government.

  • Records Management & Document Imaging Systems Implementations. 
  • Paper Records Conversion Services (Small and Large Format Prints).
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion Services

We also specialize in Electronic Health Record systems and patient chart conversion for individual medical practices, physician groups and hospitals. 

We serve clients predominantly within the State of Florida.  We have a few selected clients in neighboring states.

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Company Growth

1999: ADS was established with three employees working from a home/office. Software Companies and Platforms were researched. Feasibility studies were done to determine Florida Government as the most viable target market for our products and services. We obtained five municipal clients, established our service bureau offering Outsourced Document Imaging Services.

2000: ADS had 8 employees and our client base increased to dozens of Florida Cities and Counties. During this year, we obtained a State Contract outlining prices well below (typically 40%) other companies in our industry. We moved to our first commercial office space.

2001: Our headcount increased to 15 while our client base & industry reputation continued to grow. We became a premier reseller of various Document Imaging Software Systems & Scanning Equipment achieving high volume sales.  We relocated to a larger facility. Our service offerings increased to include microfilm conversion services & Wide Format Scanning Services.

2002: During this year, we added another 5 employees running two shifts of production. A significant investment was made in equipment and software facilitating our growth rate now exceeding 200%. Plans were made for continued facilities growth; and, extensive training for both our production staff and technicians was sought. Our software services expanded to include Enterprise Document Management and the sale of different workflow products.

2003: In this year, we made our final move to a 12,000 Square Foot facility that we purchased to accommodate all foreseeable growth. Our headcount continued to increase as did our volume. We added Web Hosting Services offering our clients reliable, internet access to their records in a secure environment. Our microfilm conversion services grew significantly as well.

2004: The hurricane season of 2004 proved to be a learning experience for both ADS and our clients. Disaster Recovery Planning further strengthened our focus as a safe records haven for hundreds of clients. Amidst the threat of one storm after another, we grew to 40 employees and averaged a throughput of 500 boxes per month of production. We obtained a State Contract under new rules / stipulations that downsized State Contract companies from 600 to 100. The award was based on our Financial Strength, Client References and Industry Experience. We were the only Company remaining specializing singularly on electronic records management.

2005: ADS employed over 50 employees scanning over 50 tons of paper records. Our throughput increased to 600 boxes per month. A shift in need was met as we began work for dozens of Growth Management departments statewide.  Although we had many large clients, we retained our smaller ones that received the same service as was given years earlier. Advanced Data Solutions became Florida’s Municipal Building and Growth Management Document Imaging Leader.

2006: ADS had over 55 employees scanning over 75 tons of paper records. Our throughput increased to 800 boxes per month. During this year, we further developed our Web Hosting platform offering clients access to records through the internet within a safe and secure portal.  We also established a sales and small production office in South Florida.

2007: ADS had over 65 employees scanning over 100 tons of paper records. Our throughput increased to 1,000 boxes per month. We maintained several sales people in addition to three shifts of production.

2008: ADS focused on new lines of business & technologies.  Processes were streamlined & capital investments were made in new equipment and software.  We became a reseller for Kodak and now offer a full line of their software, scanners & multi function devices.  We established a solid working relationship with Laserfiche based on our corporate philosophies & complimentary government sectors. 

2009: In response to a harsh economy, we downsized our headcount and solidified contracts and longstanding client relationships.  We implemented strict fiscal policies ensuring our company would survive a downsized market.  Advanced Data Solutions, Inc. survived the poor economy because of our policies, employees, experience and solid client relationships.  We are now well positioned to respond to the current economical environment and competitive industry pricing.

2010: ADS maintained our employee headcount and solid contract base.  We established relationships with national Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors and began cultivation and specialization within the Medical sector.  In addition, we purchased significant Microfilm and Microfiche conversion equipment to our inventory list and established that line of service as a separate division of the company.

Since inception, ADS has converted over 500 Million images.

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Additional Facts
  • We scan over 100 tons of paper records to digital format annually.
  • We convert over a million images on a monthly basis.
  • We support various software systems including Aprima, Sage, eClinical, Laserfiche, Hummingbird, On-Base, Kodak Capture Pro, Alchemy and many more.
  • Our technology partners are an extension of our company and reputation.   
  • We own ALL our equipment and do not subcontract services.
  • We equally care about our small and large clients.
  • Our services are based on hard work, competence and experience.  Mostly, they are driven by our dedication to client service supported by character and ethical standards.
  • We believe in personal contact, not voicemail.
  • We appreciate the hard work and efforts of our employees.

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