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Medical Records Scanning

The Time Is Now...

As small to large physician practices, hospitals and clinics are implementing full scale EMR solutions, the benefit of such systems will not be realized until a true paperless office exists.

Thousands of EMR systems are being implemented nationwide without consideration to the largest informational asset of the practice. Working in an environment of half paper / half electronic records could lead to costly errors; it most certainly promotes an inefficient operation.

  • The entire history of a practice resides in years of information in the form of paper patient charts.

  • The challenge exists to convert years of patient charts in an affordable, responsible and efficient manner.

  • We will convert your entire Patient Chart History in days, not weeks or months!


Our rates start at $.04 per page!

We estimate there are over 6 TRILLION PAGES of unstructured medical data within Florida in patient charts and paper form alone. Below are estimates of paper documents, by discipline, for the state of Florida alone.

Estimated Specilists
Unstructured Data
Allergy & Immunology 200 31,500,000
Anesthesiology 2,300 362,250,000
Cardiology 1,700 267,750,000
Dermatology 700 110,250,000
Emergency Medicine 1,500 236,250,000
Endocrinology 200 31,500,000
Family Practice 4,300 677,250,000
Gastroenterology 200 31,500,000
General Practice 1,100 173,250,000
Geriatrics 200 31,500,000
Infectious Disease 200 31,500,000
Internal Medicine 6,700 1,055,250,000
Nephrology 400 63,000,000
Neurology 1,100 173,250,000
Obstetrics & Gynocology 2,000 315,000,000
Oncology 900 141,750,000
Opthamalogy 1,100 173,250,000
Orthopedics 1,400 220,500,000
Other 1,100 173,250,000
Otolaryngology 600 94,500,000
Pathology 900 141,750,000
Pediatrics 3,000 472,500,000
Physical Medicine 300 47,250,000
Plastic Surgery 500 78,750,000
Preventative Medicine 300 47,250,000
Psychiatry 1,800 283,500,000
Radiology 2,000 315,000,000
Surgery 2,000 315,000,000
Urology 700 110,250,000
Totals 40,000 6,300,000,000

“The Federal ARRA Stimulus Plan and State of Florida initiatives for Electronic Health Records will result in near term organization and access to trillions of medical records currently in the form of unstructured paper throughout doctors’ offices and hospitals nationwide. ADS is strategically positioned to serve this market through its evolution of specialized products and services for this market over the next many years.”

Best Practices

Advanced Data Solutions is establishing Best Practices in Electronic Health Record Conversion specifically focusing on Patient Chart scanning for small to large practice offices.

Back-File Conversion.
As practices implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software and Systems, a new era in the management of technology and patient information arrives. Office workflows are changing rapidly as most new EMR systems are taking only 4-6 weeks for implementation. However, this implementation ignores the most valuable assets residing in the form of unstructured data within voluminous patient charts.

In-House chart conversion can literally take years for completion. While it’s possible to manually scan within the EMR platform, the time consumed could be better used on patient care and revenue producing activities. Office staff are not trained in the area of document imaging, nor are they specialist in EMR software or digital conversion equipment. By outsourcing this unique task to a qualified and specialized conversion company, the risk of illegible and missed information is lessened. ADS has years of quality control experience through the conversion of millions of paper files. We also have a significant investment in the highest quality production software and scanners in the industry.

ADS offers affordable services designed to convert patient charts within weeks or days so that healthcare professionals can quickly realize the benefit of their EMR investment. We are experienced professionals specializing in the conversion of medical records. We utilize state-of-the-art digital equipment and software designed to create high image quality while greatly lessening the risk of missed information. Our sonar technology prevents the scan of two pages simultaneously while our Perfect Page software creates high image quality.

Going Forward Records Management
After implementation of the EMR system and import of back-file patient charts, going-forward records management should be handled by internal office staff. The creation of paper information will be drastically reduced as the EMR system virtually eliminates hard copy records. Small office scanners will be utilized for the digital import of documents such as drivers licenses, insurance cards and external records obtained from third party sources.

EHR Systems
We offer affordable patient chart conversion and data import into a multitude of software platforms including, but not limited to Allscripts-Misys, E Clinical Works, E Meds, Med Stats, NextGen, Sage Intergy, Soapware, Visionary and many more.

Records Retention & Destruction
The industry standard for records retention is typically based on a seven year rule. Records may be destroyed seven years after the last date of treatment. Pediatric records must be retained until the patient reaches majority, plus seven years. Psychiatric records have unlimited retention periods.

American Medical Association's Opinion 7.05 - Retention of Medical Records

ADS offers confidential destruction of medical records with adherence to NAID compliance and certification policies.

document scanning services

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document scanning services

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